Military Veteran dogtag - Proud US Veterans

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Buy this beautiful pendant and we guarantee that it will exceed all your expectations!

✅ Our pendant has a saying that will resonate in everyone's heart.
✅ This piece of jewelry is the perfect keepsake - give this pendant and make everyone feel close despite the distance

• Each piece is made of high quality steel with silver and gold plating. We use a high quality laser to preserve the beauty, delicacy and clarity of the inscription.
• Black dogtags are direct color printing.
• All our jewelry is tarnish-proof. We aim to create enduring pieces that everyone can appreciate, regardless of the price point.
• We pack each pendant with a chain in a gift box, so you can easily give the pendant to your loved one.
• Each design and text on it is carefully crafted by our designers to meet all of our customers' needs.

Product dimensions:
• Necklace length: 23,5", adjustable
• Pendant: 1x2"
• Lobster clasp

Q: Is the text of the pendant engraved?
A: Yes, if you choose a gold or silver dogtag the pendant's text and design are engraved. It is not a sticker and you can be assured that the lettering will not fade over time, regardless of operation.
If you choose a black dogtag - it will be a seal.

Q: What is included in the set?
A: We pack each pendant with a chain in a gift box so you can easily gift the pendant to your loved one.

Q: How can I keep my jewelry looking new?
A: It is not recommended to use household cleaners and perfumes on steel jewelry as they may damage the surface of the product. Soap can be used to remove dirt. To avoid scratching the surface, it is recommended to wipe the product with a soft cloth.